Award  to NLBMerlion’s Dean, Mr. Singh (2nd from left) presents the Merlion Award to representatives of the National Library Board of Singapore.


AS THE Academic Year 2009-2010 commence, we welcome back our Pre-school, Primary School and Secondary School students to a new school year. They truly represent Merlion International School’s mission of academic excellence so that they can become independent and responsible learners and live happy and healthy lifestyles. Success is achieved  by the hard work put in by our teachers, administration staff, support staff and parents.

 Year by year, we make great strides in developing our roots to make a stable and long-lasting school that will stand out in Surabaya. We believe in providing a strong Singapore-based curriculum that will enhance students’ abilities for success in our ever changing world.

 Like an iceberg, academic excellence is what we see on the outside. What we do not see (like the iceberg under the water) is the development of character where students imbibe good moral and social values so that they grow up confident and principled individuals with a strong sense of responsibility to family, country and the world.

 Among the highlights of the past year, we are proud that we have established a SCHOOL CULTURE and Parent Support Groups. On 22nd October 2008, we conducted our FIRST FOUNDERS DAY. Our students experienced a long distance trip to Bali, a camp at Trawas, Drama Festival, and Math and Science Week. Our teachers attended a training camp at Trawas and two specialists were invited to share expertise in teaching and learning.

 All these are in line with our school motto: Bridging Learning to Lifelong Excellence.


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